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Subs Have Right of Way


November in the South

      We're in Wilmington, NC on our new boat, HANALEI, and will be for the whole month of November, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.  

New Boat!


Another supermaramu millenium

Wilmington, North Carolina

Abby Rounds Cape Horn - her blog

I rounded Cape Horn today!!

Testing Route Map

     Exciting times in January.  I'm loading  positions, ports and points of interest into the map editor. It's like sea trials - -see trails -- preparing for the launch. I hope it will be running for you by the end of this dreary, windy month..

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Dutch Court Cuts Laura Dekker a Break

The Dutch family court has decide to leave Laura Dekker in her father's custody rather than put her in a group home. The authorities have also told her that barring other developments, she will be allowed to leave on her planned two-year voyage next summer, before she turns 15.

     This turn of events will return Laura to the road of hope for her circumnavigation, rather than treating her like another runaway. Dutch newspapers reported that Laura "jumped a hole in the sky" at the news.